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Craigslist Greensboro

Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro is situated in North Carolina and it is included in the three largest cities accoring to the population .It is the main city of Guilford County.It keeps more than 10000 people in the area of eight square mile .It such a growing city according to its population that it adds two hundred more families every year .Two main highways intersect each other in the city of Greenboro. -The highest piont in Greensboro is MSA and the total population of this highest piont is 709,751.Greensboro is city of beauty and fame and was awarded by Department of engery due its cleanliness in 2004.It is in the reach of county citizens from all sides of the county. Greensboro is popular city of the state Carolina due to its business and trade .Frist it was a smaller city now it has grown into a industrial and textile area.Since before the twentieth it started to attract the industrialists including the two major industrialists whose name were Moses and Casear and they had come from Baltimore.Casear Cone brothers played a major role in establishing the industrial and textile plants.With in a decade Greensboro was converted from city into a city of commecial importance.Now it was considered the city of textile industry .In this city factories were established on the large scal which were producing the dennil ,flannel and some other things of important utility. Greensboro city continued to expand in the 20th century and it became the city of beautiful commercial buildings some of which are existed today in the same beautiful position.These beautiful buildings were designed by the hometown artichets. Eduardo and George Matsumoto gave the modren artichtectural concepts and the city more mordern and beautiful.The most famous companies in the america and world whose headquater are located in Greensboro includes Honda Aircraft Lorillard Tobbaco company,Sygenta crop Protection company,RF Micro Devices company and many others.Greensboro like all other modren cities of the world provide valuable education to its citizens.The institutes are boradly divided into institue of higer education ,For profit universities,Boarding schools ,Private education schools and schools for public education. The main attractions of the Greensboro city are The Bog Garden,Greensboro Centre City Park,Greensboro Arboretum,Blandwood Mansions and Gardens ,World war Memorial stadium ,Hagan Stone Park.The Bog Garden is a best place for walk.One can enjoy the tracks for walking ,wind through the garden plants and wildlife in the natural environment.Greensboro Centre City park is masterpiece of some well known artists as well as it is popular due to its fountain

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